29 avril 2010

One new skill

aiguillesSocks, socks, socks...
Socks are among favorite projects of knitters I admire : I stay mouth open in front of my computer each time my "Ravelry friend" Lori from New-York knits a new pair. Each time different. Each time gorgeous.

But it seems so spectacular to me that I'm still waiting to get started.
Of course I bought the Ann Budd's essential : Getting started knitting socks. But learning about socks in a language tha'ts not mine.... arrgh !

Fortunately, my friend Gaëlle published a book in French a few weeks ago : Chaussettes faciles. (That is to say Easy socks).

Easy peasy?
Knitting socks will be one of my future new skill then. Fingers crossed!

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Commentaires sur One new skill

    you can do it!!! (but it will surely be easier using the French book, won't it?) some of the things you knit are more complicated than socks. it's just about getting over the idea that it's hard. i can't wait to see your first pair. PLUS your Ishbel.

    Posté par Lori, 30 avril 2010 à 02:04
  • Je te donne un cours quand tu veux, mais je suis sûre que tu peux y arriver sans moi ! ^^

    Posté par KnitSpirit, 30 avril 2010 à 07:44
  • Close your eyes...
    Take a deep breath...



    You go gal ^^

    Posté par Mooglosaurus, 30 avril 2010 à 08:20
  • Idem, je t'aide quand tu veux (mm si je suis moins douée pour expliquer que Knit Spirit ^^ ) des bises !

    Posté par Dreiss, 30 avril 2010 à 19:31
  • Wow, I thought I was the only knitter out there who's yet to knit socks--glad to see I'm not all alone!! I'm sure you can do it, and my husband has been bugging me for some socks so maybe I'll try it out this year too.

    Posté par Alice, 02 mai 2010 à 02:34
  • If you know how to knit with the magic loop, I think that you can do it! I'm knitting my first sock with Knit Spirit's Book, It is not as hard as I was thinking! GO GOOOOOOOOO Kty!!

    Posté par Trikoala, 09 mai 2010 à 13:27
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