30 avril 2010

Location, location, location...

Where do you like to indulge in your craft? This is my favourite place to knit...Let me explain: I live in Paris (France) which means that I live in a rather small flat. The red Ikea couch is a cosy place to knit on but... I don't have much place for my stash, all my wips... But I'm fortunate! I also have a small house in the Picardy countryside where I spend saturdays and sundays... A tiny red brick house with a nice flowered garden. And from April to September, this is my favourite place to knit : under my cherry tree! ... [Lire la suite]
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29 avril 2010

One new skill

Socks, socks, socks...Socks are among favorite projects of knitters I admire : I stay mouth open in front of my computer each time my "Ravelry friend" Lori from New-York knits a new pair. Each time different. Each time gorgeous. But it seems so spectacular to me that I'm still waiting to get started.Of course I bought the Ann Budd's essential : Getting started knitting socks. But learning about socks in a language tha'ts not mine.... arrgh ! Fortunately, my friend Gaëlle published a book in French a few weeks ago :... [Lire la suite]
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28 avril 2010

One, two, three... great knitters

Who knows me (n'est-ce pas Gaëlle?) won't be surprised to hear that Jared Flood is THE knitter whose work I enjoy. And I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one to place him on a piedestal today. Jared is a knitwear designer that loves fiber.Jared is a damn' good photographer.Jared makes me love winter evenings of knitting.Jared...Well, I'm fascinated (look at this Juneberry triangle and try to resist to seek your teeth into!) But there are two other knitters whose work I admire. Let me introduce to you... Alice Kathryn and her... [Lire la suite]
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27 avril 2010

An inspirational pattern... my Everest!

Blog about a pattern or project which you aspire to...This cotton traditionnal French afghan is my Everest. My "traversée du désert"...It is knitted with a 2.5 hook and a fine natural cotton. The pattern (which could be inspired by the Great American Afghan don't you think ?) was published in the late 70's in a French yarn book. Who remembers "la laine Pingouin" (the Penguin yarn) nowadays...Anyway. I started to crochet this cotton Afghan during the summer holidays when I was 17. Yes : more than 30 years ago !... [Lire la suite]
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26 avril 2010

Knitcroblo week : Starting out

I started knitting as a kid... that is to say ages ago! My mum was definitely crafty then, and she taught me how to knit for my fashionable dolls. My very first knitting project wad a pink garter stitch scarf for my favorite Barbie doll. When I grew up, I decided I was more interested in knitting jumpers. Nothing but jumpers. In soft and bright acrylic yarns ! Each year I was waiting for the Bergere de France book of patterns and yarns and I chose 2 or 3 projects  I would knit during the school or college year. Unfortunatly, as... [Lire la suite]
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21 avril 2010


Pas d'avion à prendre. Pas de déplacement lointain. Stress free... Stress free knitting as well... Un peu de bleu profond, un peu de gris. Pour deux écharpes de printemps en coton, parfaites pour un week-end brassé par le vent du Nord. Un modèle totalement addictif : la One Row Lace scarf de la norvégienne Turvid. Version bleue : Cascade Yarns Arcadia dénichée (pour mon grand bonheur) chez Lil Weasel.Version grise : Plassard coton recyclé, du Bon Marché.What else?
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20 avril 2010

Knitting blog week: why not?

Trois de mes "Ravelry friends" ayant décidé de se joindre à la "Knitting and crochet blog week" organisée par Eskimini du 26 avril au 2 mai, j'ai eu tout à coup très très très envie de lever le pied côté boulot et de les rejoindre...Après tout, la semaine prochaine, ce sont les vacances scolaires, non? C'est fou comme une petite pause knitcroblo sur Ravelry a le don de me donner la pêche à chaque fois! ;-) Pour celles qui veulent laisser libre cours à leur addiction: c'est ici que ça se passe: CLIC
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07 avril 2010

La tarte aux pommes en vrac

Quand j'ai une envie de dessert gourmand ET simple, une envie de douceur mais pas envie de me prendre la tête... ben je vais chez Scally.Enfin, quand je dis "je vais chez"... disons que je m'invite en douce sur le blog de Pascale Weeks. Toujours certaine de trouver "the perfect recipe for the right moment". C'est donc chez Pascale qu'une fois encore j'ai pu assouvir mon envie de tarte aux pommes... En m'inspirant de sa recette de Tarte aux pommes et aux noix pour faire une Tarte aux pommes et au miel. Préchauffer... [Lire la suite]
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